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Scared You'll Never Retire?

Learn how Craft Capital Investments can help you catch up to your retirement number while gaining access to a brand new world of lucrative opportunities in real asset investing for as little as $25k to start.
We Offer

Our Focus

At Craft Capital Investments, we’re focused on finding and developing the best real asset opportunities. If you're looking for tailored investments in assets, you can touch, click the button below to view our current opportunities.

Take our Passive Real Asset Investing Master Class

Join our free webinar to learn how you can invest in high-value Real Assets without the headache of property management and at a fraction of the cost...

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Our Philosophy

It’s crucial for you as an investor to have a clear understanding of not only what you're investing in but who you're investing with. That's why we provide all of our investors with in-depth investment education and the utmost transparency in our strategy and operations. We’re so confident in our strategy that we list it right on our website...

Download Our 5-Step Framework for Scaling Your Real Asset Portfolio

Learn the five steps you must follow to be successful as a real asset investor in the post-COVID world...

Meet Gabriel


Our founder, Gabriel Craft, began his investing career after realizing that the world of cubicles, board rooms, and working lunches was not for him. Desiring a life where he could spend less time in the office and more time with his kids, Gabriel dedicated himself to finding passive investment opportunities that could replace his corporate salary.


Now, ten years later, Gabriel has dedicated himself to helping other investors discover the world of passive income and real asset investing so that they can retire earlier and with more peace of mind.

TEL: 831.428.2341

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